The students at Middlebury College have explored some of the themes and questions raised by Dan Brown’s Inferno. Traditional scholarly papers are also accompanied by 21st century multimedia projects designed for today’s audiences. Feel free to explore their projects and research papers by clicking on the links below.

Emma Auden, End of Life Care“Toward a Better American End ofLife System

Andrew Bridgers, Hagia Sophia. “From Christ to Muhammad

Anselm Coogan, Overpopulation. “On the issue of Population

Alexandra Fields, The Vasari Corridor. “Secret Passageway of the Medicis”

Shang Jiang. Inferno through Chinese Eyes“Sin”

Elizabeth Knox, The Lost Leonardo. “Lost Leonardo Painting.”

Brenda Li. Who is Zobrist? “Second Coming and AntiChrist

Jason Lock. Basilica di San Marco. “SanMarco

Andrew McGrath. The Sienese-Florentine Conflict. “The Battles in  Art

Gordon Nickerson, The Medici and Their Patronage. “The Medici Family”

Greg Pil,  Dante in Brown’s Inferno. “Allusions to Dante in Brown’s Inferno

Sophie Robart, Transhumanism“What is a Society of Posthumans

Peter Sylvester, Keys to Transhumanism. “Transhumanism.”

Karina Toy, Ethics of Generic Engineering. “Ethics of Genetic Engineering.”

Carsen Winn, The Medici Family. “Cosimo

Geoffrey Ziobro, A Journey Through Vasari.  “Mysteries of Giorgio Vasari.”

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