Chapter 86


Newspaper article describing a “flying saucer”

Roswell UFO incident Brown says that “the U.S. Air Force manufactured an elaborate UFO hoax to divert attention from a classified plane crash”. In reality, the object that crashed was initially labeled a “flying disk” by the air force and later clarified to be a weather balloon. Over 30 years later, physicist and ufologist Stanton T. Friedman brought the incident back to popular attention by interviewing Major Jesse Marcel, who was involved in the original debris recovery and who claimed that the event was a UFO crash covered up by the government. Afterwards, multiple more witness accounts were brought to light as well as other evidence. The US Air Force eventually released a statement concluding that the debris was most likely a result of Project Mogul, and that evidence to the contrary was most likely hoaxes perpetrated by UFO proponents.

Lido-A WHO official states that Sienna departed Italy “on the Lido” in a private jet. This refers to the Venice-Lido Airport, previously referred to as the Nicelli Airport.

European Air Transport Command– Someone asks the WHO official to call the European Air Transport Command to turn around Sienna’s jet (but the jet has already landed). This command centre covers France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. It does not appear to cover either Italy, where Sienna’s plane has taken off from, or Turkey, where it is landing— a possible mistake on Brown’s part.

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