Chapter 48

Apotheosis of CosimoThe Apotheoisis of Cosimo I De’ Medici is a painting by Giorgio Vasari.  It is located on the ceiling of the Salone Dei Cinquecento.







The Hall of Five HundredCommissioned by Fra Girolamo Savonarola and built by Simone del Pollaiuolo and Francesco Domenico, The Hall of Five Hundred is the largest room inside the Palazzio Vecchio.  Often refered to as the Salone Dei Cinquecento, The Hall of Five Hundred contains numerous works of art such as Vasari’s Apotheosis of Cosimo. 


CherubA cherub is a biblical figure that is similar to an angel or another spiritual being.  The image of a cherub is commonly used in art to express an association with God or holiness.







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