Chapter 66

Chicago’s Magnificent Mile

Magnificent Mile a distinguished section of Chicago’s Michigan Avenue. This mile-long stretch is one of Chicago’s largest shopping districts. Several of the tallest buildings in America are located on this stretch, including the Trump International Hotel & Tower and the John Hancock Center. In the novel, FS-2080 (whose identity yet a mystery) trudges through the snow here to hear Betrand Zobrist speak.

Transhumanism (A.K.A Humanity+ or H+) – a cultural/intellectual movement with the ultimate goal of improving the human condition by wide dispersion of technologies to reduce Humans’ intellectual, physical, and psychological limitations, while also taking into account the ethical implications of such advancements in technology. According to the official website, “Humanity+ is dedicated to elevating the human condition. We aim to deeply influence a new generation of thinkers who dare to envision humanity’s next step.” In the novel, Bertrand Zobrist is a transhumanist who “dares to envision humanity’s next step” through limiting population growth somehow so as to ensure the continued survival of humanity. The book discusses in depth the ethics of such drastic measures.

Aerial View of Venetian Lagoon

Nightcapan alcoholic beverage — traditionally brandy, bourbon, or Irish cream — consumed prior to sleeping.

Laguna Veneta (Venetian Lagoon) enclosed bay of the Adriatic sea and the location of Venice, Italy. The international word “Lagoon” comes from the name of this enclosed, shallow embayment. 

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