“The Lost Leonardo”

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the wonderful world of WordPress!! On my page, you will find a detailed and in-depth analysis of Leonardo da Vinci’s lost painting, the “Battle of Anghiari.” We will explore the history of this “Lost Leonardo” through the use of an interactive timeline and an interesting quiz which determines who YOU would be in the search for the painting. After these informative and entertaining activities, you will find two short videos which explain National Geographic’s role in the current search for Leonardo da Vinci’s lost painting.

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Battle of Anghiari”

The obsession of one of the world’s leading experts on Leonardo da Vinci, Carlo Pedretti, and Florentine engineer, Maurizio Serachini, began with two small, seemingly insignificant and obscure words—“cerca  trova”(Italian for “seek and ye shall find”) (Ferri). These two words were inscribed on a famous Giorgio Vasari mural “Battle of Marciano” in the Hall of Five Hundred in Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio. Due to the enormous size of the mural, these words were not found until the mid 1970s when Serachini “first noticed the message during an initial survey of the hall”(“Cryptic Clue to Lost Art: B Main Edition”). They immediately sparked interest, for many believed they were clues from Vasari that would lead to Leonardo da Vinci’s painting the “Battle of Anghiari,” or as many people have called it, the “Lost Leonardo.”


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Now that you know all about the “Battle of Anghiari,” take this personality quiz to determine who YOU would be in the search for the painting!!


Here are two short videos explaining National Geographic’s part in the search for the “Battle of Anghiari.” :


Based on the extensive research and tests completed by Seracini and his team, there seems to be enough evidence to support the fact that Leonardo da Vinci’s “Battle of Anghiari” is behind Vasari’s “Battle of Marciano.” While it is imperative that Vasari’s fresco remains intact, the possible discovery of a da Vinci masterpiece would be a very important contribution to the art community. As Oxford’s History of Art Professor Martin Kemp explained, “if it’s discovered, it would be one of the most famous discoveries of a century”(Mosher). Also, due to the new technological improvements, there is far less risk that searching for the painting will cause real damage to Vasari’s fresco. However, the “Battle of Anghiari” will remain “lost” until more people find the courage to support Seracini and his team as they attempt to follow Vasari’s advice and “seek and find.”


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