Chapter 64

ArcaneA character in the novel Inferno who appears in the video that the Consortium is supposed to release. He wears a  strange beak-nosed mask and speaks in an arcane language.



Allegory of Salvation by Antonius Heusler

Salvation–salvation is not only a significant aspect in religion, but it is also a major concern of the antagonist in Inferno.  The “shade” as he refers to himself in this chapter, talks of his work to bring salvation to the human population.



Trumpets and Laurels–Trumpets and Laurels are a traditional way of praising someone for a victory or great deed.


The Death of Socrates


Martyr— A martyr is a person who is killed for their beliefs. In Inferno, the “shade” refers to himself as a martyr.




Martin Luther King, Jr. 1964Jesus, Socrates, Martin Luther King, Jr.–The “Shade” in the video in this chapter compares himself to these three martyrs who died for causes that most of the world deems noble 

Chthonic Monster–a type of monster pertaining to Greek deities that live underground.  The “masterpiece” Inferno lies underwater “under the watchful eye of the chthonic monster and all her Furies.



Sin–Sin is one of the central themes of the Bible.  SALIGIA, the latin mnemonic for the seven deadly sins appears throughout Inferno.

Forbidden Fruit





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