Chapter 19

Agent Brüder– He is the head of the SRS team that is trying to make contact with Robert Langdon.


Brüder says  “Who the hell lives here?”  The Master and Margarita, considered one of the great Soviet novels, is about the devil who comes to visit the atheist Soviet Union.


The PC in the apartment that Robert Langdon and Sienna Brooks flee belongs to S.C.    S.C are not the initials of Sienna Brooks name, but it is a hint toward the Transhumanist name of Sienna. Transhumanist names use the first and middle initial followed by a number.  Sienna’s number is revealed later in the novel.


Agent should exit “the arena” is a reference to the disavowal protocol that Vayentha is supposed to follow.  This literally means that she should leave Florence and move away from the opreration, but could also be a reference to the theatrical arena, also known as the stage.  This is a hint toward the acting that the agents of the consortium are taking part in to deceive Robert Langdon.


PolycarbonatePolycarbonate is a heavy duty type of glass.  The vans that Agent Brüder and his SRS team drive have thick Polycarbonate windows that are supposed to be bullet and shatter proof.


Puncture proof tires Also known as airless tires, puncture proof tires are puncture proof but are much heavier than regular tires.  The SRS vans all use puncture proof tires, which combined with the heavy polycarbonate glass make the vans slower and unable to keep up in traffic with the small motor bike Langon and Sienna are riding.


Disavowed— After the mission goes wrong for the Consortium agent Vayentha, she is disavowed, meaning that she is cut off entirely from the Consortium and that they no longer claim her as an agent or take any responsibility for her.


Fourstroke enginea Four stroke engine is a common type of engine where the piston has to complete four strokes in the cycle.  It is the type of engine that powers Vayetha’s BMW motorcycle.


Viale del Poggio Imperiale is the road in Florence that Vayentha rides along on her motorcycle.  The road heads into Florence toward the Boboli Gardens.Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 9.59.36 AM

I tried to do the map pedometer, but it wouldnt let me record my route along the Viale del poggio imperiale

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