Chapter 59

Soy beans

Soy – Products such as soy milk, tofu, soy soap, or soy oil are based on the soy bean, which is native to East Asia, but has become very popular in the West in recent times. Soy is often used as an alternative to meat and dairy products as it contains a high amount of protein.




Contact dermatitis – A skin rash caused by allergies or irritants. Jonathan Ferris claims to have a severe case of this on his face and neck.

Anaphylactic shock – A serious allergic reaction marked by swelling, low blood pressure, and dilated blood vessels. If it isn’t treated immediately in can be fatal.




author: Anselm Coogan


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  1. Mark Stiubhard

    Another type of extremely common reactions allergens is the IgG immunoglobulin reaction to allergens. This is a immune cell the body makes when it comes in contact with a perceived allergen. Whether a food or inhalant. Causes delayed reactions to allergens, you don’t get the anaphylactic shock or a swollen throat. Usually sniffles, nausea, pain in the joints or digestive issues. And these are delayed, showing up anywhere from several hours or weeks after ingesting the offending food. Might make you think, well how on earth do I know which food is causing my reactions if it’s weeks later? Traditional ELISA blood testing. But it’s generally too expensive for most people to afford. There is a natural, safe and effective alternative called Allergy Elimination Technique. This modality actually retrains and resets your brains reaction to any type of allergen. Basically wipes out the”memory”of the allergy. Seems like everybody I know has allergies these days so I’m glad this technique is around.

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