Chapter 33

Soliloquy– A soliloquy is a device often used in plays.  It is when a character shares his or her inner thoughts to himself of herself, which reveals the character’s true thoughts and feelings to the audience.

Thomas Robert Malthus-Malthus was a British scholar who is most notable for his essay, An Essay on the Principle of Population.  In this essay, Malthus dispels the popular notion that a utopian society is ideal.  In fact, Malthus writes that plague and sickness are a natural product of population growth.



An Essay on the Principle of PopulationWritten by Thomas Malthus, An Essay on the Principle of Population is an essay in which Malthus wrote about the natural necessity of plague and sickness due to population growth.








Posthuman Age–The Posthuman Age is a common concept in science fiction that refers to a time after the end of human life on Earth.

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