Chapter 29

Buontalenti Grotto 

A grotto in the Boboli Gardens built by Buontalenti between 1583 and 1593. It is divided into three connecting caves which are all decorated with artwork, including copies of Michelangelo’s Prisoners. The sculpture of Paris and Helen behind which Sienna and Langdon hide and Brown refers to as two intertwined lovers is in the second chamber.



This style of architecture and art developed in the mid 12th century in France. From there it spread over western Europe and lasted for several centuries until the Renaissance took over. It’s name means ‘barbaric’ and is attributed to Vasari who disliked this style. The art focuses on christian ideas and portrays these through symbolism and allegories.

Ernesto Russo

The 29-year-old overweight security guard behind the gray door leading to the Vasari Corridor. He is watching a rerun of the soccer match Juventus vs. Fiorentina. Agent Brueder tells him not to let anyone in, which he promises to do, although Sienna and Langdon manage to get past him.




ACF Fiorentina Fiorentina's team logo

Florence’s professional soccer club founded in 1926. The team currently play in the Serie A – the highest league in Italy.





Juventus F.C.

The third oldest professional Italian soccer club founded in 1897 and based in Turin. They also play in Serie A. 




Red Bull soccer team

New York Red Bills is a Major League Soccer Team from New Jersey but representing the New York area. They used to be called New York/New Jersey MetroStars but changed the name when Red Bull acquired the team in 2006. The coach Dan Brown is referring to (“Red Bulls soccer team (…) pilfered one of Europe’s best coaches” (Brown, 130)) seems to be Hans Backe. This is however somewhat misleading as Hans Backe is not considered to be one of Europe’s best coaches. The current coach is the American Mike Petke.



È chiuso! Non si può entrare! – It’s closed! You cannot enter!



No signore, Nessuno. – No Sir, no one.



Non deve entrare, né uscire nessuno. – No one will enter nor exit.



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