Chapter 95

Turkish Delight – also known as “lokum”, is a type of candy that originated in the Ottoman empire.  The sweet usually consists of sugar and starch, along with different natural flavors and nuts.



Curry Powder – Refers to a combination of spices that are commonly used in Indian cuisine.  The powder commonly contains cumin, coriander, turmeric, and other spices.



Saffron – One of the most expensive spices in the world, the spice is the dried stigmas of the saffron crocus plant.  The plant is native to regions of Southwest Asia and Greece, and is often used in dishes that contain curry.


Golden Horn A inlet stemming off of the Bosphorus straight in Istanbul, Turkey, which has been used as a harbor for hundreds of years.  Besides the Galata bridge, four other bridges span the estuary.



Flotilla In Dan Brown’s Inferno, the term is referring to multiple boats that are tied together so that passengers of the different ships can easily move from boat to boat.  Generally, it is used to describe a fleet of naval warships.



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