Chapter 16

Catrovacer: an anagram for “Cerca Trova”, translated to “seek and ye shall find” (a message Langdon has been struggling with for most of the novel up to this point. Langdon found the word “Catrovacer” within the 8th ring of hell on the tiny projector in his pocket. “Cerca Trova” can be found (although invisible to the naked eye) on Vasari’s Battle of Marciano, towards the top of the painting; another clue along Langdon’s quest.

Vasari's Battle of Marciano.

Vasari’s Battle of Marciano.

“The truth can be glimpsed only through the eyes of death.”: A phrase ironically placed on the inside of a plague mask Langdon came across.

“Per l’amore di Dio! Cos’e questa confusione?”: Italian. Translated: For the love of God! What is this commotion? This, along with the next few Italian phrases, can be understood through the context of Langdon and Dr. Brooks being chased by authorities.

“Tanto chiasso a quest’ora!”: Italian. Translated: So much noise at this time!

“Signora! Rientri subito in casa!”: Ma’am! Go back into the house!

“Avete svegliato mio marito, che e malato!”: You woke up my husband, who is sick!

“Ferma o sparo!”: Stop, or I’ll shoot!

Trike: “A three-wheeled moped contraption that looked like the ungainly offspring of an Italian Vespa and an adult tricycle.”

Italian Vespa: A type of scooter or moped, commonly used in Europe as an efficient mode of transportation other than a standard vehicle. Generally used as a way to navigate cities without the burden of traffic.


A typical Italian Vespa

The woman from his visions: Langdon has been having visions of a mysterious woman since the opening of the book, and he actually sees her in person for the first time this chapter. She, however, appears to be in a worse situation than Langdon and Dr. Brooks, sitting between armed men in the back of the van pursuing the duo.

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