Chapter 49

Duke of Athens Stairway


The Duke of Athens Stairway–the Duke of Athens staircase is a staircase that Langdon and Sienna brooks take to escape from the Palazzo Vecchio. This stairway is named after Walter VI, Count of Brienne who was the Duke of Athens; Walter VI was known to have placed harsh economic constraints on the city of Florence.



Switchback Stairs–Switchback stairs are a type of staircase that changes direction after each flight to minimize the amount of lateral space the staircase occupies.63164_Stairs







Via della Ninna

Via della Ninna


Via della Ninna–The Via della Ninna is a street in Florence Italy near the Palazzo Vecchio.





Robert Plant after some aging

Aging Rocker–Robert Langdon is disguised as an aging rocker when Sienna put her long blonde wig on her head.






Plume Paris Glasses

Plume Paris Eye glassesA European inspired brand of eye glasses that the man following Langdon and Sienna is wearing.




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