Chapter 93

Tovatec-Tovatec is a brand of flashlight used by Agent Brüder in Brown’s Inferno.  This brand of flashlight is notable for being small and easily accessible.  It is also valuable for diving and many models work 400 feet below sea level.



lapis lazuli-Lapis Lazuli is an deep blue colored rock found in the Middle East.  It is used primary for jewelry, ornaments, boxes, carvings, and mosaics.  It has been mined for thousands of years as it is mentioned as a significant mineral in Mesopotamian mythology.





burkaA burka is a full-body cloak that is often worn by Muslim women.  The purpose of the burka is to cover the body when walking in public.  As opposed to the commonly worn Niqab, the burka completely covers the entire face with a veil.



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