Chapter 43

Piazza Delle Signoria: this is an area, in the shape of an ‘L’, which is infront of the Palazzo Vecchio, a large town hall, in Florence, Italy. This area is known to be the “focal point of the origin and of the history of the Florentine Republic.”  This area originally owned by the Uberti family. In 1266, the Uberti family was thrown out of Florence and their belongings were destroyed; as a sign of the victory and expulsion, the debris in this area was not cleared for almost a decade, then it finally became an open square. There are many statues in this square, including Michelangelo’s David, which was sculpted in 1504, yet was moved in 1873 to the Galleria dell’ Academia, and was replaced with a replica.

Ignazio Busoni– is the Director of the Il Duomo Museum, the Basilica di Santa Maria de Fiore-the Basilica of Mary of the Flower. Ignazio Busoni is Professor Langdon’s accomplice in stealing the Dante Death Mask from the museum. Ignazio Busoni ends up having a heart attack after they steal the mask, and leaves a message for Langdon with his secretary before he dies.


Museo dell’Opera del Duomo-is a museum that hosts all of the works of Art that were originally created for the Basilica di Santa Maris de Fiore. This museum lies just east of the Cathedral, and opened to the public in 1891.



Devo Parlare con Ignazio:  “I must speak with Ignazio” says Marta, one of the women who works at the Museum that Langdon and Ignzaio stole the Death Mask from, to Eugenia, Ignzaio Busoni’s aassistant. Marta calls Eugenia once she watches the video recording and sees that Ignazio assisted Langdon in the stealing of the death mask. On this phone call, Marta learns hat Ignazio died of a heart attack the prior evening.

Ascoltami: “Listen!” Marta explains to Eugenia on the phone that the prior night Ignazio and Professor Langdon stole the death mask and that it is now missing.

Devo Parlare con lui:  “I must speak with him!” Once Marta fills Eugenia in on what is happening, Eurgenia immediately comments that she must speak with Professor Langdon due to the fact that she has a message for him from Ignazio.

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