Chapter 7

Giotto’s Campanile is a bell tower that is part of Il Duomo in Florence. Designed by Giotto, the tower is influenced by Gothic architecture. Giotto only managed to finish the lower floor with its marble before he died. Andrea Pisano who succeeded Giotto as the Master of the Works continued the construction of the bell tower, following Giotto’s design.CampanileGiotto-01



Was an architect and engineer during the Italian renaissance who is most famous for engineering the dome of the Florence Cathedral. Famously, according to Vasari, Brunelleschi won the commission for the dome by managing to stand an egg upright on a piece of marble by “giving one end a blow on the flat piece of marble, made it stand upright”.

Piazza del Duomo

The Piazza del Duomo is the center of historic Florence where Il Duomo, Giotto’s Campanile, Florence Baptistery, the Loggia del Bigallo, the Opera del Duomo Museum, Arcivescovile and Canonici’s palace can be found.


Italian Renaissance

Was the earliest appearance of the Renaissance in Western Europe. This period is also known as the Early Renaissance.


Birth of Venus Sandro_Botticelli_-_La_nascita_di_Venere_-_Google_Art_Project_-_edited

Is a painting done by Botticelli. Botticelli was commissioned to paint the work by the Medici family of Florence. The painting shows Venus emerging from the sea as a fully-grown woman.

Leonardo da Vinci

Was an Italian artist who is considered to be one of the greatest painters of all time. Along with Michelangelo, Leonardo is considered to be the archetypal Renaissance man. He is most famous for the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and his technological ingenuity.


Is a renaissance painting done by Leonardo da Vinci and Andrea del Verrocchio. It depicts the Archangel, Gabriel, telling Virgin Mary of the Incarnation800px-Da_Vinci_The_Annunciation.


Is a Renaissance sculpture by Michelangelo. It is a marble statue of a standing male nude in the style of contrapposto. The nude male represents David and soon began to symbolize the defense of civil liberties embodied in the Florentine Republic. The David sparked Langdon his first true appreciation for the power of sculpture.


Accademia delle Belle Arti

Is an art academy in Florence founded by de’Medici. Students of this Academy include Michelangelo, Vasari, Giambologna, Bronzino, and Cellini.


Is an Italian term that means counterpoise. This term is used to describe a human figure sculpture with most of its weight on one foot.

London Globe Theatre

Is the theatre that was built by Shakespeare’s playing company. Many of William Shakespeare’s play have been first played in the London Globe.The_Globe_Theatre,_Panorama_Innenraum,_London


William Shakespeare

Is considered to be the greatest writer in the English language. He was a poet and playwright who are most famous for his plays such as Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet, and Merchant of Venice.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Is a play by William Shakespeare portraying the events surrounding the marriage of Theseus and Hippolyta.


Is a character in Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s dream. He is a clever, mischievous elf who longs for freedom from Oberon. He is played by Sienna who is considered to be a child theatre prodigy.

Saul Kripke

Is a prodigy who by the end of elementary school mastered the works of Descartes and complex mathematical problems. While studying at Harvard, Kripke taught a graduate- level logic course at MIT.


Was a French philosopher, mathematician, and writer. He is considered to be the father of modern philosophy. He was one of the key figures in the Scientific Revolution.


“If I can access the Internet, I might find answers. Types in Robert Langdon on google. It reveals hundreds of hits, books, lectures.”  Langdon exaggerates here. The Italian and English/American versions of google do reveal numerous pages but most reflect the fictional character. Little mention is made of his books or lectures. Langdon googles himself in an attempt to figure out why he is in Florence.

Langdon continually admonishes his students for Googling themselves— a bizarre new pasttime

The Florentine

Is the English speaking local newspaper for Florence. In a little twist of irony Brown himself provided an interview to the paper after the novel was published. Robert uses the website of The Florentine in an attempt to find out why he was in Florence.

Moshe Kai Cavalin is another prodigy who enrolled in college at the age of 8 and earned his first of two Associate of Arts degrees at the age of 11, graduating with a perfect 4.0 gpa.

Sienna Brook has an IQ of 208 making her smarter than 99.9% of the population

Fearsome mask with a long, beaklike nose and two fiery green eyes is the mask of the Doctor in Venice’s Carnival. This mask was used as a method of preventing the spread of the plague. Charles de Lorme designed this to not get the plague while treating plague victims.Plague_doctors'_beak_shaped_mask Robert Langdon saw this mask while he was dreaming.

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