Chapter 40

“La polizia arriverá tra venti minuti.–Italian. Translated: “The police will arrive in twenty minutes.”

Noi non abbiamo visto nessuno–Italian. Translated: “We have not seen anyone.”

Per favore–Italian. Translated “Please.”

Stanchion — A stanchion is “an upright bar or post”( used as a barrier in the art gallery to protect the various paintings, murals, and statues.







Società Canottieri Firenze – Founded in 1886, the Società Canottieri Firenze is a famous rowing club in Florence which trains on the Arno River. The team wears “the heraldic colors of the City of Florence[…which are] white with three alternating red bands.”

Facebook page:  Societa CanottieriFirenze




Elizabeth Knox

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