The Seekers

As the clues, cyphers, photos appear, many will contribute in this new age of social media to make “order out of chaos.” One of the finest and long time followers of Brown and his novels is Greg Taylor, whose website attracts serious fans and scholars.
Greg has once again published a guide to the novel before it has actually appeared. Taylor also published a guide to Dan Brown’s The Solomon Key, which in fact was (re) titled The Lost Symbol.



In the rush to preempt the novel itself another book by Sanford Hoist has appeared claiming that the Knights Templar (well known to readers of The DaVinci Code) inspired Dante’s Divine Comedy. You can read all about it here.


After the novel’s publication a valuable look into the two Infernos appeared in Inferno Revealed: From Dante to Dan Brown by Deborah Parker and Mark Parker.  True to its title the book brings a careful look at Dante’ s work, but it does contain two chapters of particular interest to those who would follow the Dante presence in Brown’s novel.
One more valuable resource is the gorgeous FLICKR page that contains valuable photographs related to the sites in the novel.

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