Chapter 4

Hospital Johnny – More commonly known as a hospital gown, this is the flimsy garment Robert Langdon is wearing as he flees the hospital.  Hospital Johnnies are notorious for never fitting properly or providing enough coverage for the user.  Specifically, the Hospital Johnny is infamous for the iconic views of the patients rear end.


A cartoon making fun of hospital gowns

Enrico – The name Sienna calls Dr. Marconi. Enrico Fermi was a twentieth century Italian scientist known for his work in nuclear physics, specifically for developing the first ever nuclear reactor. Marconi is  the Italian scientist credited with the invention of  radio.

As they make their getaway they stop in a bathroom, reminiscent of the hiding place in the Louvre of The DaVinci Code.

Fiat – The automobile manufacturer of the taxi that Robert Langdon and Sienna Brooks escape from the hospital in.

Fiat Taxi

As Robert Langdon and Sienna Brooks flee the hospital, the Catheter in Langdon’s arm is one of the major sources of pain for him when Dr. Brooks rips out the remaining piece of the catheter from his arm in the back seat of the taxi.



Andrew Bridgers

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