Chapter 28

Old City 


In this novel refers to the historic center of Florence. Florence was founded in 59 BCE. The city fell under the power of the Albizzi family from 1382-1434; at this time, Cosimo de’ Medici was ruling the city from “behind the scenes” as the Medici were the bankers for the Pope. A 10-month siege in 1529 by the Spanish ended the Republic of Florence. Florence flourished into power in the 15th and 16th centuries under the Medici; historic Florence is known for the beautiful art and architecture.



Surveillance drone

drone A surveillance drone, also called an unmanned aerial vehicle, is a type of vehicle that is armed by computers or remote controls. There are a variety of shapes and sizes when it comes to drones. This drone is important throughout the novel because officer Bruder and his men are searching for Langdon and Sienna in order to stop whatever disaster might happen. The drone that the police use has camera on it so that finding Professor Langdon and Sienna might become a little easier.



Amo Firenze image

This is an Italian statement that means ‘I love Florence’-the message that shows on Vayentha’s hat. This is slightly ironic because at this point in the novel it seems as though Vayentha is trying to kill Langdon and Sienna, along with working in the corrupt system with those on the Mendacium.



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