Chapter 44

One version of a power saw

Power saw – A saw that is powered by a motor making it capable of cutting through thick wood, metal, plastics, and other materials. The sound Brown references too is a very loud, aggressive noise, similar to that of a boat engine.



Current map of Armenia


Armenia – a claimed democratic republic in the crossroads of Asia and Europe, placing it in the region of Eurasia. It used to be a satellite state of the Soviet Union but has been independent since 1990. Langdon tells Sienna that they need to go “through Armenia” (190), referring to a hidden passage behind an ancient map of Armenia in the Hall of Geographical Maps in the Palazzo Vecchio.

The antique map of Armenia Langdon wants to find













“We have lied to you about many things.” – Sienna says this in an attempt to calm Marta Alvarez by coming clean to her. More notably, in retrospect of the entire book this is a very significant confession by Sienna.



author: Anselm Coogan

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