Chapter 80

Teak – A deciduous tree which is native to tropical areas in the Indian Ocean.  The wood of the tree is commonly used in boatbuilding for its unique properties.  It is very hard and strong, and resistant to rotting.


Alias – A type of pseudonym that is usually a fake name that a person uses to hide their true identity.


Attaché – A person that is assigned to a specific person or cause, generally in regards to diplomacy.  In Dan Brown’s Inferno, it is referring to an employee of the consortium that was assigned to follow all of Bertrand Zobrist’s movements.


Facial-Recognition Software – A computer program that is able to identify specific people in surveillance video tapes by matching photos in a database to the image on the video recording. The software is able to accomplish this by analyzing a frame of the video tape and searching for similarities to faces in the database.


Toxins – Substances that cells and organisms produce which are poisonous to humans.  Some may be potent enough to cause death, while most are less severe.


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