Secrets of the Homepage

Accompanying the media campaign was an updated and redesigned homepage for Brown. It contains an offer to download a free copy of The Da Vinci Code and links to Dan with photos and a press kit, his novels, news, media, films and secrets. Each is worth exploring but it is the SECRETS page that captured the imagination of some early Brown puzzle solvers. The best and quickest responded to Greg Taylor at

The path is alive. Clues are hidden in plain sight.

What we find here is a series of symbols, the Fibonacci sequence, a right triangle indicating the proof that a2+b2 = c2.
There is a Metatron Cube, identified by DBmas at If you type in the name “Pythagoras” into the blank and then press SEND you will open a door that reveals a seventeen secondYouTube video of Brown emerging from a secret passageway in the Palazzo Vecchio. Similarly if you recognize Tarty Sect as an anagram for tetractys and type in that word the same video appears. The tetractys is a special symbol of the Pythagoreans, and some have wondered if the word Tarty might refer to a slice of pie (PI) and PI+Sect = Pythagoreans.

If you prefer to type in the sequence of numbers 01123581321345589, you open another YouTube video of the Fibonacci sequence. Brown has previously referred to the Fibonacci sequence in The Da Vinci Code where it was used as to login to the bank account of Jacques Sauniere at the fictitious Parisian branch of the Depository Bank of Zurich.

There is one of the N-S Arago medallions used in The DaVinci Code.


The Caesar Box cipher can be read by going down the left hand column then a starting at the top of the next column and so forth.

M 8 E R
4 A I R
0 L B Y

The result is MS408 Yale Library. Refers to the mysterious Voynich Manuscript at the Yale Univerity Library. Typing “Voynich Mansucript” into the Metatron Cube and then clicking SEND opens a one minute three second video on the document.

The symbols on the page have all been collected and cataloged.


At the bottom of the Page we are referred to the Old Testament Book of Job 38:11. “And said, Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further: and here shall thy proud waves be stayed?”


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