Chapter 67

NetJets_Europe_Cessna_560XL_Citation_Excel;_CS-DNW@TXL;08.04.2013_(8644056151)NetJets Citation Excel is a light cabin private jet. NetJets is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway who offers fractional ownership and rental of private business jets. This jet is the world’s best selling business jet.





St. Mark’s Square is the principal public square of Venice. The Piazza is dominated at it eastern end by the Church of St. Mark.



Population Apocalypse Equation is a neo- Malthusian idea that the rapid increase in population is outstripping the resources required to produce basic needs which would lead to an international breakdown of law and order.

Transhumanism is an international movement with a goal of genetically transforming human to be physically, intellectually better than before and overcoming fundamental human limitations.


Eugenics is the theory and practice of improving the genetic quality of the human population. Its most infamous proponent and practitioner was Adolf Hitler.

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