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Collective Writing

While we are on the topic of collective writing of the Wiki–especially in light of the recent post about the blog novels, there will be an article coming out in “The Campus” this week about “Wu Ming,” a group of five writers who collaborate on novels. And in part of a “copyleft” movement, you can read their novel “54” online for free.
So check out the article this Thursday or you can wander around their site

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Deviant Art in all of its glory.

So, it dawned on me that I haven’t read any posts commenting on Deviant Art: the online artist domain where artists of all types can post their work.

The great thing about DA is that it doesn’t really matter what sort of artist you are. Writers, painters, poets, and even filmmakers are all welcome to upload high quality versions of their work. Whats more, DA also has a system where you can sell prints of your work.

Pertaining to something we covered in class about copyrights, DA has a really neat system to make sure your copyrights over your work are kept and held secure.

I highly advise anyone interest in art of any kind check it out. It’s a great resource and there are many a talented person on there.

My site is

Check it out. =)


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Bulwer-Lytton deadline is today!

That’s right, everyone! The deadline for the 2008 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest is TODAY, TAX DAY, April 15! I highly recommend that everyone in this class submit entries. I’ve been stockpiling sentences for about a year and a half, and I just submitted them. Then I’m going to write more.

We took on Wikipedia aficionados and won… How about Bulwer-Lytton?

Per request from Professor Mittel, here are my favorite (the most awful?) of my entries…

  • The moral of this story, children, which you must keep in mind whilst you read, is that the Bear ought not have stolen the Honey from the Bees, but also that the Bees ought not have pursued their vendetta against the Bear, and that they ought to particularly have paid attention to the Finger-Post, and that the whole situation might have been greatly improved had not all Participants been the direst sort of Heathens.
  • Wandering amid the headstones of her departed ancestors, Delia pulled her gossamer cape closer about her fair young shoulders, wondering if the handsome Lord Tripp would note her décolletage with favor once she made it to the ball—assuming she managed to avoid the vampire (who had once been her uncle Hubert) lurking beside the mausoleum, of course.
  • The woman sat there, sipping water as though she hadn’t a nerve in her, though Troy knew she had, because she was there to see him about the intense pain in her upper back.

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korean Myspace

I thought this was an interesting (and brief) article about the launching of a Myspace page for Koreans. The process of “localizing” media is interesting because so many popular items on the internet can be enjoyed by those who don’t speak English (or whatever the media’s original language). I have heard that the “History of Dance” youtube video (the most popular youtube video of all time) is so popular, in part because there is no language barrier. Additionally, i know that a large portion of World of Warcraft players are Korean, and the article here describes South Korea as “one of the world’s most wired and tech savvy nations”

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