The fourth assignment for the class, due in lab on April 22, is to create a remix of the course’s previous work using Flash to design a new interface. You can draw visual and sound materials from any of the class’s previous work, generally as saved in Muskrat, and think about how placing it within a new Flash-based interface recontextualizes the material and creates a new meta-media object. Like all of our assignments, the project should convey some argument about media via a digital format – given the possibilities of Flash, you can include interactivity and self-created motion as part of your creative vocabulary.

As you design the interface, feel free to use any of the techniques enabled by Flash (whether we’ve learned them in class or not), including animation and interactive multimedia. The majority of the images and sounds should be repurposed from previous assignments, including other students’ work. If there’s something from someone else’s project that you want to reuse but cannot find on Muskrat, just ask! You can think of this assignment as an experiment in open source creativity, reusing and redesigning the work of others to create new meanings. Have fun!

Notes from Joe-

Herre is the link to the script from the Flash Application workshop.

CMD + RETURN will publish a .swf that you can link to. If you want to embed your .swf in a webpage:

  2. Check the boxes next to FLASH and HTML.
  3. Click on the PUBLISH button at the bottom.