Here are my projects from the year. Enjoy!

Assignment 1: Podcast with Mika

In this first assignment, Mika and I focused on the various effects of sound. Sound is a powerful medium that allows for isolation and a strong focus without other sensory stimuli. We also explored sound as a means of mass communication and the implications of the radio and podcasts.



Assignment 2: Remix Video with David

In this assignment we explored remix culture through satire and juxtaposition.


Assignment 3: Video Game Analysis with Ernest

In this project, Ernest and I explored the social commentary within GTA San Andreas. We were particularly interested in the way drug culture, gender, social class, violence, gun control, economics, and race were portrayed. It was interesting to analyze the hidden scenes and themes that run throughout the narrative of the video game. What is also interesting is the response of GTA IV and its surrounding controversy due to the social commentary and violence the game presents.


Assignment 4: Flash with Thompson and Ernest

This was an extremely challenging assignment but it allowed us to explore the flash medium. In this project, I found it interesting because flash allowed for a dynamic platform that was self- navigating.

Flash Midd


Assignment 5: FINAL PROJECT with George

In the final project, George and I explored social networking systems, particularly in light of the current facebook phenomenon, in conjunction with the concepts of social capital and social networks.

Final Project with Evan
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