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Class Wiki. Shortage of info? Wii Fit!

I’ve been running through some of the keywords that already have entries, and I found that in my opinion, a great deal of them are lacking.

I’ve started to edit a few them, adding new material etc. It’d be awesome if we all got on this. Some of this stuff deserves a lot more time than was previously given to it.

In other news…

Anybody been reading up on the Wii fit? it’s a ‘game’ designed to function as a workout system by using a balancing board that registers data directly to the game. It sold a huge number of copies in Japan, and it’s already sold out in the UK.

Pretty cool idea I’d say.

Any thoughts?

Wii Fit

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Wiki Help

Hey guys! I started an article about the Network Economy on the class wiki. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at explaining these kinds of things, so the article is really REALLY short, but at least it’s there.

Please help!

We can make this wiki awesome, guys!

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A few SLURLs…

I’ve put together a list of places to visit in Second Life, separated by category. If you have the SecondLife client on your computer, you can click on the link and it will bring you to a page that opens SecondLife and places you in a location in world. It has been a while since I’ve visited some of these locations, so please excuse if the link brings you to someplace unexpected.

Joe’s Castle

NMC Orientation-
Info Island-

Chakryn Forest-
Vista Animations-
Machinima Institute-
Second Louvre-

Clubs and Social Places
Jazz Cat-
Ahern Welcome Area –
Paris 1900-
Fabulous Soul-
The Blue Note-
Hug on the Beach-

Shiny Things-
Nonna Hedges-

Games and Activities
Space Park-
Yankee Stadium-
CSI Crime Scene-
International Space and Flight Museum-
Musical Instruments-

Other Schools

Another good source of interesting things is the Not Possible In Real Life blog. The name says everything.

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The Sims Phenomenon

Good article in today’s NYT about The Sims. Do you think this captures the phenomenon?

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