I don’t remember when I first used a computer, made a phone call or wrote an e-mail. And it is not because I’ve been doing all these forever, but mainly because I honestly don’t get excited about the technological changes in my life. I use my laptop only when it is strictly necessary, I reply to e-mails only if there is a question I need to answer, I call people when I need to tell them something specific, I don’t have facebook, I don’t read blogs. don’t get me wrong: i am not “against” technology or would like it to disappear. i just don’t find it as entertaining as other people do.
my technobiography would have been an extremely boring one if there wasn’t an exception in my relationship to technology. I remember very well the first time I watched a movie on our brand new VCR, I remember when i first held a camera, when i first used Final Cut Pro. I remember how amazed I was by all these technologies. Through film I found a way of becoming friends with something i had never cared much about. I can spend hours trying to figure out different ways of editing a short video, but i usually get bored when my brothers ask me to play videogames with them.
I am extremely interested in studying how media affects the way in which we communicate ideas and values. Changes in media technology have made communication more immediate, powerful, and at times scary. I want to use technology to express my own ideas, to create. that’s it. mica