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Similar to Wikipedia but not really

So here’s something I’ve wanted to post since class this afternoon.

It’s a site called Encyclopedia Dramatica.

It’s formatted exactly like Wikipedia except that it specializes in internet memes and the like. Go here if you want to find out the real meaning of “shoop da whoop” or “over 9000!!”

I thought this was really interesting since the site has a much more relaxed feel to it than wikipedia, so it offers a different perspective about how a wiki can be used.

Oh, yeah, and I should warn you that some “mature” stuff is right on the front page. You’ve been warned.

And no, this is not a rick roll. 🙂

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What should Midd do with the Internets?

As I mentioned, I’m on Middlebury’s Internet Strategy Task Force. So what do you think Middlebury should do differently in its “web presence”? How do you use our current site, and what could we do differently that you’d find useful (either as a current student, future alum, or as a prospective student in your part imagination)? Feel free to brainstorm wildly, gripe profusely, or vent your spleen about Middlebury online – I’ll pass along comments anonymously (unless you have a great idea, in which case you’ll get full credit).

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Zhu Rangers

I meant to post this awhile ago, but I thought this class might appreciate it. This is the original opening credits to the Zhu Rangers, the show the Power Rangers used clips from to make the american show. I’m writing my thesis on the differences and theory of the two shows and I’ll show you guys a key point in my argument. Notice how the Yellow Ranger is a male in the Japanese version, but is played by a female in the American version? Bet you didn’t see that coming–I know I didn’t

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Creatively Networking Sheep

Always wondered what Benkler, Chaplin’s Modern Times and sheep have in common?

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Wikipedia Edit

On Sunday, I edited the Wikipedia article about Jamaican patties. If you don’t know what that is, do check it out. On the grand scale of things, this article (and my addition to it) is by no means a huge deal but it felt good to contribute a little something.

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Wikipedia Edit

I extended the geology section of the Wikipedia page for the great state of Maine. I also made a few minor edits on the page…

The Great State of Maine

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