online pictionary

Here’s the online pictionary game I mentioned in class: isketch. My top score is something like 107.

As I said, the art you see varies from very iconic to very realistic. Half the fun is puzzling out why someone drew what they did and (hopefully) how you figured out what they meant.

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I referenced old-fashioned text adventures in my response post, but I’d just like to point everyone a little more explicitly to Scott Adams’ adventures, available, as far as I know, free for download at his website and several other places. It makes me a pretty hopeless geek to know the name Scott Adams as related to this archaic gaming style, but they’re actually surprisingly fun, and definitely challenging. I’m dreadful at them, so I only play with them once every three years or so, but just as the popularity of weird things like radio drama is on the rise, so is the popularity of the text adventure (also known as interactive fiction) as an art form and story-telling device. Not really unlike Choose Your Own Adventure, but with some more possibilities, and less dying… usually. Not with this game, though.

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