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blog your novel

I have long harbored a dream that I would write the great American novel… or “young adult” fantasy novel… or surreal cyberpunk mind-bender… I’ve always wanted to get one of the many stories in my head out in a complete text. My thesis, in its glorious quantity, has quite sadly given me hope.

Some people are exploring the artistic and aesthetic options provided by the web as they output their creativity. Writing novels in diary form is reasonably fashionable, and for good reason: they provide ready access to the character’s mind as he or she divulges his or her private thoughts, and the reader doesn’t have to deal with the intercession of some snarky narrator. One of the more notable blog-novels is Tropic/of/Cubicle by Roderick Maclean. I’ve read bits and pieces of it, and it’s definitely worth a look.

Ever heard of Na-No-Wri-Mo? It’s moved on to the blogs, too… somewhere. Sadly can’t find a good link for you all.

There’s also, of course, my original exposure to a version of this concept (and you’ve probably all seen these a million times because they are, as Anonymous says, “old as the internets”): The Very Secret Diaries, which you may read here or in their original milieu here.

Blog Your Novel Month

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Hey everyone, here‘s a link to a collection of fan-produced remix videos that obsessively record every utterance of a certain word or phrase in a certain movie or TV show. The most recent one of these that got widespread linkage was a video of Shia LeBeouf saying “No” about a hundred times. Enjoy.

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The Man who wrote 200,000 books!

Hey Guys, This is a really cool article from NYT. Phillip M. Parker uses a team of computers to compile public information from the net. He then frames all the pertinent stuff into books for consumers. This seems to be one of the more important changes to the way that we link to together information and is certainly a function of the “wealth of networks.”

“Comparing himself to a distant disciple of Henry Ford, he said he was ‘deconstructing the process of getting books into people’s hands; every single step we could think of, we automated’.”

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Final project ideas

Here’s a thread for you to post ideas for your final projects, getting feedback from the class (and me & Joe) and potentially finding partners to work with. What are you thinking?

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Responses for 4/15

In concluding Benkler’s book and reading about Second Life, what promise do you think virtual worlds have for the issues of freedom and democracy that Benkler discusses? Do virtual worlds function as a site of political and cultural experimentation and engagement, or are they just an escape from the real world?

Internets &Reading Responses &Virtual Worlds Jason Mittell 14 Apr 2008 12 Comments

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