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interesting wiki

Here’s a wiki i stumbled upon.

it’s a list of every gun used in pretty much every movie. Things like this wouldn’t be possible to do if one person was trying to research it all, but with tons of users (nerds) we gain access to this info.

Uncategorized Brian Sommers 28 Apr 2008 1 Comment

‘Fess Up

Speaking of social network sites, what are you guys’ opinion on Midd Confessional

Uncategorized Melissa Marshall 28 Apr 2008 12 Comments

Responses for 4/29

Today’s readings explore social networking sites, an area you’re all probably quite familiar with. As native “experts,” do you think these articles capture the appeal of Facebook, myspace, and the like? What drives you to participate or abstain from these sites?

(And remember to please add your thoughts to the thread on Midd’s internet presence.)

Reading Responses &social networking Jason Mittell 28 Apr 2008 15 Comments

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