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Yet Another Wonderful Daily Show

Jon Stewart interviews David Perlmutter about blogging…

Video Link

Internets &Videos Ross Bell 15 May 2008 1 Comment

I change

AMAZING animation that challenges media and also is part of Creative Commons.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.


Taste of the Internet &Videos Jessie Gurd 15 May 2008 No Comments

Class WIKI

Everyone please start contributing to the class wiki because it’s super easy and there are a few too many keywords not edited– just check it out and spend a few minutes fixing it up– trust me, you’ll feel good about it…

And here’s a video that will lighten your finals weeks for sure:

Uncategorized Stephen McCombe 14 May 2008 2 Comments

Video games and politics blog

Sorry to post so much, but this blog is absolute money. Here Barack Obama says that kids are spending too much time watching TV and on video games. A professor is disappointed by Obama’s stance on video games.

Also, according to Ian Bogost, social networking and youtube have taken over the role of video games in this election cycle.

Media politics &Uncategorized George Altshuler 14 May 2008 No Comments

More on Facebook… (maybe for once exams end)

“Forum,” a show on my local NPR affiliate, KQED just did a show on Facebook and the psychology of social networks. I haven’t had time to listen to the whole show because of exams, but Forum usually is really good.

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remix video

Maybe when I grow up and be a big boy, I’ll make awesome remix videos like this one.

Uncategorized Brian Sommers 12 May 2008 1 Comment

Evan and my Final Project

In case you want to check out our project before Wednesday here it is:

High Quality.


social networking &Videos George Altshuler 11 May 2008 No Comments

Repurpose your Remix Vids

Thought some of you might be interested in this contest: make a remix video, no more than 3 minutes, that answers the question “What is Remix Culture?” You should all have a head start on that! Deadline is June 2, and the judges include some familiar names. Let me know if anyone enters…

Remix culture Jason Mittell 07 May 2008 No Comments

windowsPhone… (windows is pronounced ‘i’)

I found the latest on a mobile phone manufacturer (HTC) that has created a new Windows Mobile Device called the HTC Touch Diamond… of course it copies all of the iPhone functions and tries to make it look more aesthetic, but no, it just won’t work. I do think that sales will be pretty good though, considering all of those die-hard PC fans out there.
It won’t be coming out in the US until later in the year (by then Apple will have created a whole new revolutionary product anyway).

HTC Touch Diamond


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hey joe,
Can you tell me how to embed something that’s not from youtube? I have the code from a site but it’s just not working. do i need to hit the “code” tab in wordpress? the embedded code starts off “embded src = “blah blah blah” but i can’t get it to work. any thoughts would be great.

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From your friendly neighborhood Microsoft, creating a 3D object from many photos-

Remix culture &Videos Joseph Antonioli 06 May 2008 1 Comment

I know how this happened

Health Bar Spider

After playing way too much Oblivion, someone expected this thing to have a health bar. But it didn’t. Because it’s a real spider.

Also, motiborders are fail.

Taste of the Internet &video games Jessie Gurd 06 May 2008 No Comments

Spielberg’s Wii-Inspired Videogame

Like destroying other people’s Jenga? This may be just the game for you.

video games Robyn Whyte 06 May 2008 No Comments

GTA Controversy

Gta iv scapegoat for explaining US crime and anti-social behavior

video games Evan Akashi 06 May 2008 No Comments

another last supper

In response to Steve’s post, here is another Last Supper image, constructed as a part of the marketing for the current season of Battlestar Galactica. The fun thing is that it plays off the same kind of world of fandom that sparked the creation of the Star Wars Last Supper image, but it’s from the show’s creators and has its own symbology. Very cool. This site gives hints for interpreting the image… Only one true spoiler here, though I doubt that many of you are fans.

General Geekery Jessie Gurd 06 May 2008 No Comments

Starbucks is Satan

Another thing I read in “The Globe” that made me want to throw-up my dining hall coffee.

Also, another reason why I hate flash.

Starbucks has decided to make a slow moving flash program that asks you questions about your taste preferences and then tells you what to order next time you go in. It is supposed to stimulate interaction with a real-live barista.

When a computer program tells me what beverage to drink is when I start to agree with those individuals that say the digital age is dehumanizing and can be detrimental to societal bonding.

Uncategorized Melissa Marshall 05 May 2008 1 Comment

Identity Crisis

Over breakfast this morning I read an article in “The Globe” that brought up some interesting issues about the fracturing of personal identity due to our large amounts of online personas–from simple usernames to blog identities to even who we are (albeit “anonymously”) on Midd Confessional.

Taste of the Internet Melissa Marshall 05 May 2008 No Comments

Speaking of Fanatics…

I ran across this image today and thought I’d share it to show just how this fan base expands out to people of all cultures.

The Last Supper

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Creepy much?

After our “Twitter” discussion, I remembered an interesting iPhone app (available only to those who hack their phones) called Twinkle. It adds the ability to Geo-locate your twitter feed via the phone’s built-in cell tower triangulation GPS system, and the ability to map people whose Twitter feeds indicate they are nearby. I don’t want to call this creepy…but i just did.

Article Link

General Geekery &Internets &social networking Ross Bell 03 May 2008 No Comments


Hey check out this new and aesthetic RSS feed for Macs:

Acrylic Apps: Times

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More thoughts on Midd Confessional

Hi all – I wanted to share this post on my further thoughts and a potential proposal for the Middlebury Confessional site. I’d love any of your comments & responses here or on my blog…

Internets &social networking Jason Mittell 03 May 2008 4 Comments


weird, i’ve tried twice now to post a comment to Ross’s post but both times it just never showed up. here’s the article in relation to GTA
it talks about how GTA could make $400 million this opening weekend, most for any opening weekend for any movie or video game.

Uncategorized Brian Sommers 01 May 2008 3 Comments

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