I’m on YouTube!

So a year and a half ago I was only using my computer for email, AIM, and TextTwist. My sister actually made a Facebook account for me and then gave me the password. Now I’m blogging with you guys, running Firefox, and uploading video to stream on the net. Woohoo! What a rush.

YouTube was surprisingly easy to join and use. Easier than, say… navigating a Mac! (I run Windows… and I LIKE IT! You can all jump out of the shadows and eat me now.)

I only have one video up so far, my final project for Sight and Sound I, and I don’t know if it counts as remix culture. It certainly borrows from other media and even has something to say about it, and I’d like to know what you guys think.

Is it sad that I take extremely nerdy glee from being able to embed videos in this blog thing?

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On the subject of robots…

Alright, so my titles need work. But this is a webcomic that I read, which I’m pretty sure no one else does. Thus I shall enlighten you as you have enlightened me. Most of them are single panels or short multipanel comics, with continuity stemming from the Transformers franchise. It’s a commentary on the whole picture, from Generation 1 to the fandom to mistakes Michael Bay hasn’t even made yet. The latest edition is of the latter category, and it updates every Monday.

Matt Moylan’s Lilformers

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