So this is the big piece of news this week as most of you probably know. HD DVD has essentially been buried in the ground by retailers, and by itself as well. I myself am happy that HD DVD lost the battle, if only because I already own a Blu Ray, and it make the format a lot more accessible to me. This will especially be the case when prices begin to drop on the actual movies themselves.

I remember when DVD first came out. My family received a DVD player as a gift from my uncle, with Gladiator on DVD. At this point, the machine was worthless if only because DVDs were so expensive in the early years. It was something ridiculous like 35-40 dollars for a single movie. Not worth it.

Right not Blu Ray is in that same position. But now that there is no longer an opposing format, it’s up to Sony to begin dropping prices. Look at HD Tv sets. Years ago a 32 inch High Def tv would run you back up to two thousand dollars. Now adays, a 32 inch tv will probably run you closer to seven hundred, and under. That said, Sony needs to pick up the pace now. Though I suppose things will really get started once previously “HD DVD ONLY” films start to pop up on Blu Ray.

Still, at least it’s over, and the consumer can finally get in on it without being scared of one format losing to another.