Videogame project

So here is the videogame analysis George and ID on Mario Kart vs. a fancy simulated racing game called Forza 2.

I think the 10 minute version may be too ambitious in scope, but I still think it makes some good points that the 5 minute version below does not.


This is the podcast gameshow I made with Derek exploring the art of Foley sounds.

Final Project

The Remix Machine
Here is the Remix Machine I made with Jessie.

Remix Video

Here was the mash-up I made with Erin of an old anti-marijuana PSA and Dazed and Confused.

Flash Interface

So Robyn and I did a rupert murdock game using footage from David and George’s remix video. We would have liked to have some more questions, but man that flash is some tough stuff.
Here is the first part that Robyn made.

Here is the second part I made.