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Hey guys,
Since Jessie and I made our podcast featuring the song “Smell Yo Dick” the artists have recorded a music video. when we were capturing the video for our project, they only had a photo series, no actual music video. So, i present to you all, the official video to the song

Podcasts &Videos Brian Sommers 24 Apr 2008 3 Comments

George and Stephen’s Remix: A Candid Murdoch

Self evaluation and objectives in comments…

Remix culture &Remix Video George Altshuler 16 Mar 2008 1 Comment

A remix video I made.

Not quite a meta-media object but I think its a good example of what you can do with remixing…

Uncategorized George Altshuler 07 Mar 2008 No Comments

Use of Media

I thought I’d post this video both because it’s funny, and also because it adds to the discussion from last class about using different media to express an idea or belief. The idea is a music video parody of James Blunt’s, “You’re Beautiful,” and just like all other parody videos, it displays the belief of the creator that the original had the potential to be remixed for a certain reason. So, instead of using text and writing a paper, or using audio alone and remixing the song, this person remade the video and added his own personal twist to it.  Enjoy, and feel free to post other interesting parodies…

Videos Stephen McCombe 23 Feb 2008 No Comments

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