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Wikipeding on Facebook Chat

I’m sure many of you where taken aback by Facebook’s newest feature, Chat. It will be interesting to see how successful this is. I for one think the way Facebook releases new features is a bit curious. They release the new feature and then a few days later put a post in the mini-feed about. I think they would have less backlash against change if they gave more of a warning about their features before they released them.

But regardless I thought Wikipedia should know about this new feature. So I did this and this. It will be interesting to see how the community takes my changes. I might add footnotes later, but I couldn’t find any news articles on Facebook chat yet.

I also made a change on the blogger, Andrew Sullivan’s page.

Uncategorized George Altshuler 05 Apr 2008 6 Comments

Reading responses for 4/8

The bulk of Benkler’s book for this week focuses on how network culture impacts our political processes. What issues and arguments seem particularly relevant to you, especially in light of the ongoing campaign that many people are referring to as the “YouTube Election”? Do you see evidence of increased autonomy and freedom emerging around politics in the networked ecology?

Media politics &Reading Responses Jason Mittell 05 Apr 2008 10 Comments

Net neutrality & OK Go

From today’s New York Times, the lead singer of OK Go discusses net neutrality, tying nicely into a number of Benkler’s arguments.

Media politics Jason Mittell 05 Apr 2008 1 Comment

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