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Flash Project Woes.

So, we’ve been ‘working’ on our flash project all night, and have not made a whole lot of progress.

Despite having put time into this for the past week, we haven’t gotten a whole lot done, and even the simplest task of making a frame not play to another is impossible, nevermind anything past that.

Unfortunately, the directions on the blog and on the sheet we were given aren’t quite specific enough, and the tutors, as nice as they have been, can’t help because they have very minimal knowledge with Flash.

Thus leaving us with a bit of a predicament on our hands.

I guess I was just curious if we’re the only ones having trouble with this?

Two weeks just doesn’t seem like enough time to create something even remotely substantial with a program we’ve had two hours of experience with. Especially with finals looming and term papers for other classes raising their heads, it’s hard to do four hours of work on something without producing any results.




Uncategorized Elliot 22 Apr 2008 2 Comments

Meeting for final projects

As mentioned in class, we can extend the deadline for the final projects if we can set-up a meeting time during exam week, preferably early in the week. There won’t be any class meeting on Thursday the 8th, and most of Tuesday the 6th will be open work time.

Please post any conflicts that you have for Mon – Wed, May 12-14, over the next couple of days and I’ll try to propose a time to meet for around 1.5 hours to share final projects, and celebrate the end of the semester.

And as inspiration for your final projects, check out this blog post about last year’s class, with a number of links to projects.

Class business Jason Mittell 22 Apr 2008 6 Comments

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