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Search is Dead

Brendan Owens, the Digital media Tutor Supervisor, forwarded this article to me. I am not sure which is more interesting, that we could be moving away from Google as the primary search resource, or that Popular Mechanics has taken an interest in digital technologies. Sign of the times.

Uncategorized Joseph Antonioli 17 Apr 2008 1 Comment

Brooklyn is Watching (us)

I just read a really interesting article about a “sandbox” space in second life that is being recorded and projected (in almost real time) to an art gallery in Brooklyn. The avatar who is doing the recording is being controlled by people walking through the gallery. I’m going to sign in and check the space out in a few minutes. Here’s the slurl if you would like to teleport.

Check out the article on the Not Possible in Real Life Site.

The Escher reference is tight.

MMOW &NotPossible(w/o sl) &Remix culture &social networking &Virtual Worlds Ernest Russell 17 Apr 2008 No Comments

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