Stepping back from the lovely animation and the overtly Canadian narrator (yay Canada), this is a really interesting little piece. I think its message can be applied to the communities forged within the media spaces we’ve been studying in this course. Fortunately, a third party is not a rare commodity on the intarwebz. It manages to be self-policing… in a dysfunctional kind of way.

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Brian, Derek, and I have a friend who plays WoW. We generally find it’s better not to ask, but sometimes it gets us really tasty bits of internet culture, such as this video. It’s worth watching until the credits start rolling.

I present to you “ROFLMAO,” a re-imagined “Mahna Mahna.”

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This is possibly the best example of borrowed media I have ever witnessed. It was choreographed and animated by one guy. If the characters were not borrowed, it would be original media, and impressive original media at that. The lengths fans go to appreciate their favorite games for free is astounding, though I’m sure this produced a different kind of return. It is, of course, available for download in ridiculous quality. Fanservice alert: If you are deeply attached to the manly mystique of Master Chief, you may want to keep a defibrillator handy.

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Locksley vs. Ole Moon-Eye

Let’s get the fact that I’m a little bit of a Locksley fangirl out of the way. Most of the guys went to my high school, seniors while I was a freshman, one of them was an Abercrombie model (or something like that), etc. etc., you get the picture. It helps that they’re pretty darn fun to listen to.

This is an animated music video made to go with one of their newer singles, “Start All Over Again.” I find that the cohesion between image and sound is more like Fantasia than an image-lyric correlation. This is also just slightly bizarre, fairly unique, and generally humorous.

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