A Hero Will Rise

As though this were a virtual buffet, you have three options:

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By Ross & Thompson

Class business &Remix Video &Videos Ross Bell 17 Mar 2008 2 Comments


In short, our video is a mashup of the film Independence Day with music that seemed more appropriate for a zany (and apparently sci-fi) romantic comedy. We then edited shots, dialogue, and recorded narration to suit any trailer for a Rob Reiner-directed romantic comedy (only infinitely and purposefully worse than Rob Reiner – more like if Roland Emmerich decided to make a romantic comedy). The result is, we hope, hilarious.

Our goal was not, as in the case of the mashup for The Shining, to completely change the tone of the source material, but rather to highlight under the signifiers of romantic comedy the frivolity that Independence Day seems to exhibit as a sci-fi/action genre film. We believe our video accomplished these goals inasmuch that Independence, our mashup film, seems to distort the story of the original film into a romantic comedy (we’ll let you see who falls in love with whom). Moreover, it doesn’t seem to take itself seriously, much like the original source material. To see exactly what we mean, check out the original Independence Day trailer and the British television version of the trailer.

-Derek & Jessie

Remix Video Jessie Gurd 16 Mar 2008 1 Comment

A victory for fair use… and over Michael Savage

I thought this story is very relevant to the movie we watched in class the other day. A judge in San Francisco ruled that a Muslim Civil Rights group had the right to rebroadcast and criticize four minutes of Michael Savage’s radio show because doing so was social commentary and fell under the terms of fair use.

Also, going back to the podcast David and I did, it’s interesting to wonder whether the publicity Michael Savage gets for his bigoted statements is a good thing or a bad thing. Either way it’s good that Savage’s frivolous law suit got thrown out.

Uncategorized George Altshuler 09 Mar 2008 No Comments

I’m on YouTube!

So a year and a half ago I was only using my computer for email, AIM, and TextTwist. My sister actually made a Facebook account for me and then gave me the password. Now I’m blogging with you guys, running Firefox, and uploading video to stream on the net. Woohoo! What a rush.

YouTube was surprisingly easy to join and use. Easier than, say… navigating a Mac! (I run Windows… and I LIKE IT! You can all jump out of the shadows and eat me now.)

I only have one video up so far, my final project for Sight and Sound I, and I don’t know if it counts as remix culture. It certainly borrows from other media and even has something to say about it, and I’d like to know what you guys think.

Is it sad that I take extremely nerdy glee from being able to embed videos in this blog thing?

General Geekery &Remix culture &Techno-Bios &Videos Laria Hambleton 07 Mar 2008 No Comments


This is possibly the best example of borrowed media I have ever witnessed. It was choreographed and animated by one guy. If the characters were not borrowed, it would be original media, and impressive original media at that. The lengths fans go to appreciate their favorite games for free is astounding, though I’m sure this produced a different kind of return. It is, of course, available for download in ridiculous quality. Fanservice alert: If you are deeply attached to the manly mystique of Master Chief, you may want to keep a defibrillator handy.

General Geekery &Remix culture &Taste of the Internet &Uncategorized &Videos Laria Hambleton 04 Mar 2008 No Comments

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