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I know how this happened

Health Bar Spider

After playing way too much Oblivion, someone expected this thing to have a health bar. But it didn’t. Because it’s a real spider.

Also, motiborders are fail.

Taste of the Internet &video games Jessie Gurd 06 May 2008 No Comments

Spielberg’s Wii-Inspired Videogame

Like destroying other people’s Jenga? This may be just the game for you.

video games Robyn Whyte 06 May 2008 No Comments

GTA Controversy

Gta iv scapegoat for explaining US crime and anti-social behavior

video games Evan Akashi 06 May 2008 No Comments


The Daily Show strikes again with a report live from Liberty City…

Video Link

video games &Videos &Virtual Worlds Ross Bell 30 Apr 2008 1 Comment

Passage, reviewed

Check out this review from a article. The author makes the same kind of arguments that we did in class that day we played Passage. Also, check out Roger Ebert’s asinine article wherein he argues that video games cannot be art. Damn you, Ebert!

video games Derek Long 21 Apr 2008 No Comments

The Sims Phenomenon

Good article in today’s NYT about The Sims. Do you think this captures the phenomenon?

video games Jason Mittell 16 Apr 2008 No Comments

Laria and Erin’s Game Analysis

After much anticipation, here’s our video! I’ll be posting the links to the various YouTube links we used in another post.


Class business &Uncategorized &video games Erin Gosselin 10 Apr 2008 No Comments

George and Kyle’s Game Analysis

So Kyle and I got a little caught up in what we where doing and we made this…. 10 minutes of video game analysis.

I cut down what we had to around five minutes and this version is what we want to show in class tomorrow (or I guess today by now). Watch the ten minute version only if you have way too much time on your hands.


video games &Videos George Altshuler 10 Apr 2008 1 Comment

Ikariam game

Jessie sent me this link to a browser game called Ikariam, wherein you take charge of an ancient Greek town and (very) gradually build it into an empire, Civilization-style. It’s still in the beta stage, but I’ve been playing it literally non-stop for the past four days, and when I say literally, I mean that one primary feature of the game is that it proceeds in real time, so that you never technically stop playing unless you deactivate your account. Researching something like “wine press” or “expansion” takes up to two days, but the research continues even if you leave your computer (which, thankfully, I do occasionally). Sending supply ships to other cities in your empire also takes minutes or even hours, depending on how far away they are. I have yet to engage in warfare in the game, but apparently it functions the same way. This seems to be a new genre of sorts, one that is hard to define. It’s a strategy game that takes place in real time, but it’s not an “RTS” (real-time strategy) in the sense that we have come to define the term.

Oh, and your economic and military competitors are other players with accounts in the game. You can “engage in diplomacy” (i.e. communicate) with them via the game’s messaging system to request certain types of goods, declare war, or just chat. The rhetoric of the game seems to emphasize commerce and trade so far, but I’m waiting for that to change as soon as I progress further. The fact that Ikariam is a browser game seems to encourage casual play.

General Geekery &video games Derek Long 07 Apr 2008 No Comments

Rock Band song

Since Thompson is a musician and I love editing, we decided to make a music video about RockBand. We both play guitar and find that there is absolutely no correlation between playing real guitar and playing RockBand, and that’s pretty much the theme of our song. Hope you enjoy it!

Uncategorized &video games Micaela 07 Apr 2008 2 Comments

Gaming Footage

A couple groups have tries to record footage to dvd, only to find that the disc seems to be empty. Before you toss it, try finalizing the disc back in the machine you recorded from.

  1. Put the dvd back in the tray.
  2. On the remote to the DVD player select options.
  3. Click Disc Information.
  4. Choose Finalize.
  5. It will take a few minutes to finish writing.

Once it is on the dvd, you will need to use MPEG Streamclip, SnapZ or Hanbrake to extract the footage and use it in iMovie or Final Cut.

Class business &video games &Videos Joseph Antonioli 07 Apr 2008 No Comments

A Wii For All Ages

Hilarious. I think this means the Wii interface works just fine…

Taste of the Internet &video games &Videos Ross Bell 30 Mar 2008 No Comments

Old School Gaming Hell

If any of you long for old school gaming goodness, check out this deviously hard and frustrating Commodore 64 classic, China Miner.

General Geekery &video games Jason Mittell 24 Mar 2008 No Comments

Not Social Networking… but Social Gaming

I came across this article about a new multiplayer online game that involves the territorial conquest of colleges and universities. Students make teams and recruit people in the real world, in order to play in the virtual world. It is a new way for networking between students around campus and is apparently going to grow into a huge phenomenon around every campus… maybe even Middlebury.

A quote from the article about social networking:
“No one is claiming this is the next Facebook, the social networking phenomenon that began on the Harvard campus. But GoCrossCampus represents the new kind of online games that unite the participants of real-world communities in a common online cause.”

Here’s the link to the article:

“Storming the Campuses”

social networking &video games Stephen McCombe 22 Mar 2008 1 Comment

A Remix We Should All Know About

I came across this vid and think it best to share, because it applies to EVERYTHING that we’ve been talking about recently: media, video game consoles, remix videos, Apple Inc., etc. etc.

Remix Video &video games Stephen McCombe 21 Mar 2008 No Comments


After one of my housemates caught me playing Civ IV as a study break and I admitted that it was “highly addictive,” he felt compelled to show me this video.

I know I’m not alone now.

General Geekery &video games &Videos Jessie Gurd 19 Mar 2008 No Comments

Speaking of Interface… (Part Two)

Reading the article on the Army battle simulation reminded me of this scene from “The Island”…

General Geekery &video games &Videos Ross Bell 19 Mar 2008 No Comments

Speaking of Interface…

In light of our interface discussion\testing, I thought I’d post this clip from Apple’s press conference a few weeks ago unveiling the iPhone SDK (software development kit). They demonstrate simple game (they wrote it in two weeks) that takes advantage of the iPhone’s graphics capabilities, touch screen, and Wiimote-esque accelerometer…

video games &Videos Ross Bell 18 Mar 2008 No Comments

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