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Meeting for final projects

As mentioned in class, we can extend the deadline for the final projects if we can set-up a meeting time during exam week, preferably early in the week. There won’t be any class meeting on Thursday the 8th, and most of Tuesday the 6th will be open work time.

Please post any conflicts that you have for Mon – Wed, May 12-14, over the next couple of days and I’ll try to propose a time to meet for around 1.5 hours to share final projects, and celebrate the end of the semester.

And as inspiration for your final projects, check out this blog post about last year’s class, with a number of links to projects.

Class business Jason Mittell 22 Apr 2008 6 Comments

Final project ideas

Here’s a thread for you to post ideas for your final projects, getting feedback from the class (and me & Joe) and potentially finding partners to work with. What are you thinking?

Class business Jason Mittell 14 Apr 2008 1 Comment

Laria and Erin’s Game Analysis

After much anticipation, here’s our video! I’ll be posting the links to the various YouTube links we used in another post.


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Import Video Clips into iMovie

Someone just let me know that it took 4 hours to import their footage into iMovie. iMovie wants to convert any video it uses into raw dv, and this process can take a huge amount of time.

But there is a way to get around it.

  1. Create an iMovie project, if you haven’t already.
  2. Close iMovie.
  3. Right-click on the project file and choose “Show Package Contents.”
  4. Browse to the Media folder.
  5. Place your clips in the folder.
  6. Open your iMovie project.
  7. Click the VIEW TRASH button.
  8. Drag your clips to the clips pane.

I’ve been able to do this with .mov, .dv and .mpg.

Class business &General Geekery &Remix Video &Videos Joseph Antonioli 09 Apr 2008 No Comments

Flash Help

I’ve posted the step-by-step instructions for creating the Flash movie on the Flash Interface page. In addition, there are instructions on how to publish the flash object in a webpage.

Please feel free to bounce ideas for your project off of me! There is more than one way to accomplish the same goal, and I can show you which one will give you the least amount of headaches.

Class business Joseph Antonioli 09 Apr 2008 No Comments

Wikipedia Edit

On Sunday, I edited the Wikipedia article about Jamaican patties. If you don’t know what that is, do check it out. On the grand scale of things, this article (and my addition to it) is by no means a huge deal but it felt good to contribute a little something.

Class business &social networking Robyn Whyte 08 Apr 2008 No Comments

Wikipedia Edit

I extended the geology section of the Wikipedia page for the great state of Maine. I also made a few minor edits on the page…

The Great State of Maine

Class business Ross Bell 08 Apr 2008 No Comments

Wikipedia Edit

I started out being unsure of what to edit, but by interest and research through certain wikis, I found that there was an interesting topic with barely any information at all. It was a page on a professional skateboarder named Eric Koston. So, I went ahead and beefed up the page from being merely a few sentences of facts to what it is now. Check it out if you like:

Eric Koston

Class business Stephen McCombe 07 Apr 2008 1 Comment

Gaming Footage

A couple groups have tries to record footage to dvd, only to find that the disc seems to be empty. Before you toss it, try finalizing the disc back in the machine you recorded from.

  1. Put the dvd back in the tray.
  2. On the remote to the DVD player select options.
  3. Click Disc Information.
  4. Choose Finalize.
  5. It will take a few minutes to finish writing.

Once it is on the dvd, you will need to use MPEG Streamclip, SnapZ or Hanbrake to extract the footage and use it in iMovie or Final Cut.

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Responses for 4/3

Sorry for the delay in posting this…

Benkler offers a new vision of economics to account for the internet era. What strikes you as particularly compelling about this approach to economic and social relations? Are there specific examples from your own experience that speak to the redefinition of markets, production, and consumption that he lays out?

Class business &Reading Responses Jason Mittell 02 Apr 2008 4 Comments

Sally and Melissa’s Remix Video

A parody of a parody?
“Patrolling Borders” examines the tropes of the Hollywood narrative — examining which tropes are mocked, questioning why we feel to desire to criticize them while they apparently provide us with pleasure on some level. Also, does “Super Troopers” work as a parody in and of itself — and if yes, why was it not marketed as one?

Class business &Remix Video Melissa Marshall 18 Mar 2008 No Comments

A Hero Will Rise

As though this were a virtual buffet, you have three options:

See The Remix in HD (If you have a newish Mac or maybe even a PC this should play)

See The Remix (If HD isn’t for you)

See The Remix On YouTube (Cause why not?)

By Ross & Thompson

Class business &Remix Video &Videos Ross Bell 17 Mar 2008 2 Comments

Toysight Gold

Here’s the iSight game…


Class business &video games Ross Bell 13 Mar 2008 No Comments

Responses for March 11

The Jenkins article and beginning of Bogost’s book make arguments for the specific ways that videogames function as a specific medium with a particular rhetoric and aesthetic mode. What aspects of gaming do you find most distinctive, and how do they work to persuade or create an artistic possibility?

I also want to collect links to online games that seem relevant to our study – try to play around with some of them to get a sense of different possibilities. Here are a few that Bogost discusses or that offer examples of political games:

Darfur is Dying

McDonalds Game

September 12th and Madrid

Redistricting Game

Persuasive Games – Bogost’s own studio, which includes the Dean for Iowa game and many others

Class business &Reading Responses Jason Mittell 10 Mar 2008 14 Comments

What’s up with the Lethem reading?

The link to Jonathan Lethem’s “The Ecstasy of Influence,” on the harper’s magazine website requires a subscription. Does the school have a username and password? If not, anyone know of another place to find it? Thanks.

Class business Kyle Howard 02 Mar 2008 2 Comments

A Fair(y) Use Tale

Here is Eric Faden’s video on copyright and Disney:

And the link to his project “Tracking Theory” that we watched in class.

Class business &Videos Jason Mittell 21 Feb 2008 No Comments

Podcast examples

Here are some examples of the podcast assignments done by last year’s class.

Our esteemed technology tutor Aaron did this project:


Graduated student Astri von Arbin Ahlander did this one:


And here’s the clip of the This American Life show on the viral voicemail:


Class business &Podcasts Jason Mittell 19 Feb 2008 No Comments

Audio Checklist

Have you ever sat down at a computer, put on your headphones and heard nothing? You swear you turned up the volume the last time you used them, yet now there isn’t even a hint of static.

Now imagine you are sitting at a computer that is being used continuously by many people, and you are left to the mercies of the last person who sat in the chair. Public computers take every challenge and multiply it exponentially.

Here is a checklist to help you figure out how to get your sound back if nothing is coming through:

From the Computer

  • Click on the Increase Volume Key, speaker with three lines, and make sure the volume is at sufficient level. This will also turn the sound back on if it has been muted.
  • In System Preferences choose Sound -> Output tab and test Line Out and Digital Out. The line that works depends on which audio port your headphones are connected to.


  • Turn up sound in volume slider.
  • [Application Name] -> Preferences, make sure any sound settings are set to Line Out or Digital Out, whichever you have selected in the System Preferences.
  • In iMovie HD -> Preferences -> Playback, make sure “Play DV project through to DV camera is NOT checked.”


  • If the headphones have an ON/OFF switch, turn headphones on.
  • The box is connected to the computer.
  • Headphones are connected to the box.
  • Master volume is turned up.
  • Volume is turned up on the channel where the headphones are plugged in.

Class business Joseph Antonioli 19 Feb 2008 No Comments

Links for class

Hi all – I’ve added a RSS Feed for links to websites that seem relevant to class on the sidebar. I’m running this through, a social bookmarking site that I highly recommend. If you ever find a link that you want included on the site, you can send it to my account – username jajasoon. You can also browse the links I’ve accumulated. And if you’re a user, post your username in the comments to share the love.

Class business &social networking Jason Mittell 18 Feb 2008 No Comments

Change your environment

We mentioned that the blogging platform we are using is WordPress MU, the same application that runs It is a flexible system that seems to have a better learning curve than most blogging platforms.

One of the advantages is that we can change the look and feel of a blog in real time by applying a theme. The theme defines the layout of the page (2 or 3 columns, full or fixed width), font types and colors. Some even come with background images. Content, like text and embedded videos stay the same, what changes is how they are displayed.

The limited number of themes available in our version of WordPress were pulled from a list, where people have created thousands of custom themes. Here are two lists that I use:

Jason and I are not fond of the theme we are currently using and we want you to choose a new one. The only criteria is that it must be 2-column, widget ready, and display sub-pages. Check out these lists, or others, and let us know your favorites by commenting to this post. In fact, I’ll take the top 10 choices and make them available to everyone who makes a blog with our WordPress.

Class business Joseph Antonioli 14 Feb 2008 3 Comments


International phone cards had become almost daily purchases by my second week away from home. Any semblances of normalcy were interrupted by a pitiless female voice droning, “one minute remaining.” Hurried goodbyes gave way to silent waiting while precious seconds wasted away. There was no playful tag-teaming to decide who should hang up first. There was only the hurry to end properly and then the waiting, before being cut off once more.

One day after answering my phone, I was greeted by a familiar lull, a familiar kind of waiting.

“There’s a delay.”

My father shouted this as though he would, by his own power, make himself be heard across the ocean and deep into this continent. There was a delay. A three second delay that often involved the vocal equivalent to a twelve-car pile up on a freeway. Regardless of the delay and the fact that I developed a kindred but vile echo, the Yap Jack made calling Montego Bay less expensive and a lot more fun (…in retrospect). My family and I had to learn the rhythm of this new technology and after mastering it we had many long and meaningful conversations deftly negotiated through dissonant echoes and 3 second rests. Though we seldom even think of it now (we use Netstream Global Voiceline), the Yap Jack allowed my family the invaluable opportunity to stay in touch from a distance and shortened the goodbye wait to 3 seconds.

Class business Robyn Whyte 13 Feb 2008 5 Comments

First assignments

Two quick requirements to start the course. First, all students need to take this brief survey to get a sense of your techno-profiles so we can be sure to customize the class to meet your needs & abilities.

Secondly, to help familiarize yourself with blogging and to build a community among the class, your first blogging assignment is to post a brief “techno-biography”: write a biographical account of some way that media technology had a direct impact on you. It can be a specific anecdote, a broader reflection on your technological use, or any other entry that serves to introduce you to your peers and might intersect with themes from our course. By class on Thursday the 14th, each student should read others entries and provide comments on at least two of them.

Additionally, here is the discussion question for Thursday’s readings. You’re expected to respond to readings at least 9 times throughout the semester, so might as well get started now! Just login and post a comment to this entry below:

How do you think Meyrowitz’s three levels of media (content / grammar / environment) apply to the models of literacy explored in Jenkins’s policy paper? How does participation and literacy operate at these different levels?

Class business &Reading Responses Jason Mittell 11 Feb 2008 6 Comments

Welcome to the class blog!

Hi all – this is the class website for FMMC0246. We’ll be using this as a hub for all of our work, so poke around at the syllabus and material emerging as the semester progresses.

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