I guess it all started when I was 6 or 7 years old, when my dad and I set up our very first Macintosh computer. Macintosh was our first choice because of my dad’s experience with them in college. Macintosh shipped their computers to colleges before selling to the public, and that’s how we got hooked. I was fascinated with the machine and the big boom sound it made when the power button was pushed. My Mac experience over the years involved playing educational computer games and whatever I could find. With the advancement of technology later on, Apple computers started to grow on me, as well as other hobbies, like photography. Throughout high school, I focused on photography, as well as on computers, but didn’t develop any real skills on any computer software yet. It wasn’t until my year off after high school that I learned about a great program called Photoshop. I took a class in it and learned the basics, and taught myself from there, developing an interest in graphics and image editing. Also, having switched from film to digital photography, I was able to combine both interests into one.From then on, I’ve expanded my horizons and found interests in advertising, marketing and also in film. I’m really interested in pop culture and researching the up-and-coming styles of the younger generation. In doing so I surf the web and check blogs and online magazine sites containing information from the newest sneaker line to the newest remixed song to the newest clothing line sold specifically in a small shop in Brooklyn.So the real reason I’m taking this class is to further my studies in media and it’s impact on everyone around us, specifically focusing on images, what’s hot, and internet networking.