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Michael Scott on Wikipedia

From the episode where he gets bogus negotiation tactics from Wikipedia…

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War of the Worlds radio show

For those of you not in class on Tuesday, the radio show we listened to is here. Please feel free to offer comments in this thread as well…

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South Park

Did anyone see last night’s episode of South Park? It was amazing. It talks a lot about digital media and parodies many of the “viral videos” we have all seen on youtube. While the episode is hilarious on the whole, the last few minutes are the big pay off as it relates to our class.
click on the episode called “canada on strike” which is currently on the right side of the homepage, but it can also be found by going to “full episodes”-> “season 12”-> “Canada on strike”

Here is the clip of the last 30 seconds.

It should be noted that the South Park creators are NOT members of the Writers Guild of America, and continued to produce new episodes throughout the writers strike. Also, the episode is dripping with irony as every South Park episode is available free online, distributed by the show’s creators.

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