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I want you to want me

I found this to be an interesting remix for online dating and socializing…


“‘I Want You To Want Me,’ an interactive piece on the subject of online dating and relationships by perennial CH fave Jonathan Harris and his collaborator Sep Kamvar, and one of the standouts commissioned for MoMA’s recent Design and the Elastic Mind exhibit, is the subject of this m ss ng p eces produced video. For anyone who missed the show at MoMA, the short explains how the piece represents constantly-updated info collected from dating sites using a drop-dead gorgeous interface and the visual metaphor of balloons. ” (

Uncategorized Stephen McCombe 20 Apr 2008 1 Comment

Responses for April 22

Check out this article on transmedia storytelling & the “geek elite.” How do you see Jenkins’s ideas playing out in the contemporary media landscape? Does convergence culture serve as the “new normal” or is it still a fringe phenomenon for specialized audiences? How do you see such practices transforming the future of media production & consumption?

Reading Responses &Transmedia Jason Mittell 20 Apr 2008 9 Comments

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