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This Friday WRMC is holding Sepomana, it’s annual music festival. I used my newly acquired flash prowess to design a banner for the festival. The font is from the cover daft punk’s discovery.

check it out here

keep it crucial,

found music &Remix culture Ernest Russell 27 Apr 2008 No Comments

NIN Ghosts

Hey guys,

It looks like the Nine Inch Nails are following the marketing strategy that made In Rainbows a chart topper. They have released a new album called Ghosts which is available (9 of 25 tracks) for free on their site. It has minimal vocals and is designed to be remixed and mashed in a style similar to the Black Album. Download it here!
If any of you remember the days of Napster and its demise you will realize the hypocrisy of NIN’s release.


found music &Remix culture Ernest Russell 10 Mar 2008 No Comments

Droppin Science

Hey guys,

I’ve been tapping my foot to a dj by the name of J Rocc. He remixed some fairly popular hip-hop with the music that the hip-hop tracks sample as well as some crucial bluenote tracks. For an easy to spot self-referential jaunt, listen to the track at around 12 minutes (its a 45 minute mix-tape). You can snag it here embedded in a post that I made earlier today.


found music Ernest Russell 28 Feb 2008 No Comments

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