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Brooklyn is Watching (us)

I just read a really interesting article about a “sandbox” space in second life that is being recorded and projected (in almost real time) to an art gallery in Brooklyn. The avatar who is doing the recording is being controlled by people walking through the gallery. I’m going to sign in and check the space out in a few minutes. Here’s the slurl if you would like to teleport.

Check out the article on the Not Possible in Real Life Site.

The Escher reference is tight.

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A few SLURLs…

I’ve put together a list of places to visit in Second Life, separated by category. If you have the SecondLife client on your computer, you can click on the link and it will bring you to a page that opens SecondLife and places you in a location in world. It has been a while since I’ve visited some of these locations, so please excuse if the link brings you to someplace unexpected.

Joe’s Castle

NMC Orientation-
Info Island-

Chakryn Forest-
Vista Animations-
Machinima Institute-
Second Louvre-

Clubs and Social Places
Jazz Cat-
Ahern Welcome Area –
Paris 1900-
Fabulous Soul-
The Blue Note-
Hug on the Beach-

Shiny Things-
Nonna Hedges-

Games and Activities
Space Park-
Yankee Stadium-
CSI Crime Scene-
International Space and Flight Museum-
Musical Instruments-

Other Schools

Another good source of interesting things is the Not Possible In Real Life blog. The name says everything.

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My Virtual War: A Disturbing Stroll Through a Simulated Battlefield

Hey, here’s another from Scientific American. I think that we might have talked about less immersing virtual training environments in class but the Office of Naval Research’s new $40 million research program is on a different level. The program, Virtual Technologies and Environments, has developed a sort of hamster ball for a Marine to stand in that monitors his/her movement and propels them through an urban combat sim. The journalist who tested it complained that he actually was afraid and nauseous while playing. When he finished, he was sweating since he actually had to walk around himself. The ball might be sold commercially for $20,000 USD. Here’s the article.


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More Virtual Economics.

It has been said that MMOW’s will become the most important economic models of the 21st century. Second Life actually controls inflation to keep its exchange rate in line with the US dollar. Here’s an awesome article from Scientific American.

Why Do Virtual Worlds Even Need Economists?


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